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Super Golf Detacher Security Tag Remover Magnetic Intensity 12,000gs Anti-theft Silver –


The detacher consists of several strong permanent magnets and removes various kinds of standard tags.
Popular in retailing and EAS system.
It will save you time with its amazing strength. 

How to use:
Put the bulge part of the tag in the dent part of the detacher. 
Then pull outwards.

Magnetic force: >= 12,000GS
Suitability: For all RF hard tags
Material: Aluminium coating
Color: Silver
Item dimension: 7.5 * 3.4cm / 3.0 * 1.3in
Item weight: 427g / 15.1oz
Package size: 8 * 8 * 5.5cm / 3.1 * 3.1 * 2.2in
Package weight: 422g / 14.9oz

Packing List:
1 *  Golf Tag Detacher

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